Friday, February 26, 2010

A bit too little!!

This week we have been cleaning out closets, checking to see what we already have for summer clothes!! Not only do Hannah and Makena have to try everything on, they have to model it!!! In the boxes were the outfits they each wore home from the hospital!! They both tried them on to see how big they've gotten!! Where does the time go??
On another note, Hannah HAS gone to school the last two days without as much yelling. (Notice I didn't say without any yelling) I know taking the medicine for H-PILORI has a lot to do with her orneriness, I felt like hiding under a rock until the 2 weeks were up. She's a trooper I tell you!!!

A little ANGEL!!

Here is my first attempt at SEWING an angel!!! What do you think? It was teacher appreciation week at school this week and this was our last gift for Hannah's teacher, who might I add is an "ANGEL". She is an amazing teacher and I hope she likes it!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

That could be why...

I may have found the reason that Hannah is such an onery stinker!!! THe doctor just called and said she has the H-piloric bacteria (in her stomach). The same thing I have been treated for twice and probably have again. I have asked them to test all of the kids so we can stop this vicious cycle!!!! Keep your fingers crossed!


I have a problem that I just don't know how to deal with and need HELP immediately!!! She's a 6 year old spit fire that does whatever she darn well pleases with no regards to what either of her parents say. Hannah Jane!!! Every morning its the same thing...get up..get up Hannah...Hannah if you don't get up right now your grounded!! Get dressed...Hannah get dressed...That's it if your not dressed in five seconds your really grounded!! Take a bite, Hannah take a bite, holy crap take another bite.... Find your coat, get a pony tail, take a bite!!! You catch my drift?? By the time we are in the car I am so frustrated I want to yank her hair out... Please someone, anyone give me some advice that will help me with this stubborn child. We pick out her clothes the night before, if its not the clothes its the shoes... I would love a morning with no yelling and no tears!!! Any suggestions!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day to me!!!

Taylor and I went to the mall Saturday with 2 missions, get me a new bra and a something to wear to church!! We started at Nordstroms (I had a gift card from Christmas burning a hole in my purse). We went over to the lingerie department and after realizing how small it was we were about to leave. As I stood up from looking at the bras a cute little sales girl said, "Can I help you find something?" I came out of my shy shell and said "I need a bra with tons of support, one that when I bend over my boobs won't fall out and I hate having the 4 boob syndrome!!" Taylor was kind of shocked I let it loose like that!!! The sales girls asked if I would like a bra fitting and I thankfully said "YES". I didn't realize that meant they were in the room trying on bras and actually touching you, but in fact it does!! I have been so desperate in my search for a new bra that I didn't even care!!!! She poked and prodded, I wiggled and jiggled and WAH LAH!!!! I have TWO, count em TWO new bras that I absolutely LOVE!!!! I don't fall out when I bend over, I've got support up the wazoo and no more of that nasty 4 boob syndrome!!! I am so happy!!!!
We didn't find a Sunday outfit at the mall, so we went to several other stores. Target was our jackpot!!! After trying a cart full of stuff on, we found 3 dresses that actually looked decent. Not because my body is in such great shape, but because we found these two lovely little inventions. One, a smoothing thigh shaper and two, a waist cincher!!! Put them both together and you get one foxy mama!! That may be taking it a bit too far, but I thought I was looking PRETTY good!!
SO now, I am sitting here tying in my new bra feeling foxy and loving every minute of it!!! I hope your Valentines Day is as great as mine!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snowbird fiasco!!

Snowbird is always SO much fun, but it wouldn't be exciting without one of Hannah's little fiasco's!! Her & Lexie (9) decided to take a little adventure, without telling anyone. They someone found themselves locked out of the condo. They went through a door (see pictures) that said "EMERGENCY EXIT NO RE-ENTRY!!!
They were on the 7th floor wearing a bikini, flip flops and a little cotton cover up for Hannah. Lexie was in sweats a t-shirt and no shoes. They were definitely in a pickle. Hannah in her infinite wisdom decided they should climb up the mountain and go around to the front of the condo. (That was really the only thing they could do!!) Halfway up, Hannah lost her shoes and they were both barefoot & freezing. Some guy from the 9th floor saw them climbing up the snow and called 911!!! By the time the police had gotten their they were on the canyon road. The canyon patrol picked them up, hysterical and freezing. They told them they were staying at iron blossom and he took them back to the condo. The police wanted to call an ambulance to be sure they didn't have frostbite, but the girls just wanted their mommies!! Aunt Holly went down to get them and we were all shocked to hear the story when they got back!! I have to say that Hannah has been SO watched over in her short little life. She has a guardian angel sticking close to her!! THANK HEAVENS!!!!

Snowbird 2010

Happy Birthday Hannah Jane!!

Taylor's first year at snowboardig and she did AWESOME!!!
Hannah decided after getting all dressed skiing wasn't for her!!
Ethan & Tanner the skiing buddies!!

This year at snowbird was so much fun!!! We swam, skiied,
snowboarded, and celebrated Hannah's 6th birthday!!
We had a great time!!