Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hannah's Photo shoot!!

Taylor & Hannah decided to get really cute and go down to the park for a photo shoot. Taylor did such an awesome job!!! I can't decide which pictures I like the best. What's your opinion??

Me & Laura!!!
ME, as a munchkin!!!

Each year it seems like Laura & I compete to see who can outdo each other. What do you think??? Laura was very sneaky to keep her costume under wraps!!! Every time she would talk to Hannah she would touture her to see if she could guess what she was going to be!! Who would of guessed a lawn gnome??? I guess she is actually obsessed...

Jeanette as a polygamist!!!

Jenn as a cute pregnant princess!!!


Justin as EGOR!!

Grandma Thomson

Makena & Me

Brittany, aka Michael Jackson which she really pulled off!!!

Laura, the garden gnome!!!

Makena, Taylor, Ethan, Hannah, & Me!!

Taylor & Jared at Grandma Hancock's party.




Halloween has always held a special place in my heart. I absolutely love it!!! I love dressing up and I love the candy!!! It's even funner when I get to find costumes for 4 kids!!! We have been to several Halloween parties this year and have had so much fun!!!!! Taylor is a "Goth Fairy", Ethan is a "Mad Scientist", Hannah is a "Kitty," Makena is a "Rocker Princess" and I am one of my favorite characters from "The Wizard of Oz" A munchkin from the Lollypop Guild!!!!! I have debated off anf on if I should actually post these pictures of me. I look absolutley FAT!!! I guess pictures never lie!!!! Dan asked me if I stuffed my shirt, NOPE its me. All me!!!!! This has given me the determination to loose weight. I don't know why, but since I had my IUD taken out my hormones are all out of wack & I think this is the culprit for my weight gain. So I will look at these pictures and be inspired. I will keep you posted to see if it actually works!!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

It's Fall, my favorite time of year!!!

This is a picture right outside my front door!!! The mountains are beautiful right now!!! I can't wait for the storm to come tomorrow. The cool weather is just so relaxing!!!!

Spongebob the "Babysitter"

At our house Spongebob is the best babysitter in the world. Makena loves it!!!! She will sit and watch it for as long as I let her. And let me tell you some days that is a while!!!!!! Dang those commercials!!!

Spongebob the "Babysitter"


This is the after product of Makena finding a Sharpie!!! What am I going to do with this child?


Makena has discovered her art work is "BEAUTIFUL"!! She is bound and determined to color on every wall in the house. So far this week I have found 8 walls she has decorated. Thank heavens for magic erasors!!!! The little stinker..