Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Temple Lights!!

We had a great time this year at the Salt Lake Temple lights!! We haven't gone for about 3 years because of either Hannah being sick or Makena too brand new!!! This year I wasn't letting anything stop us. It was so beautiful and when we walked by the Manger scene there was a wonderful feeling!!!! THe whole Thomson family was there and boy are we a crowd!! 35 people in all. If you are wondering if Ethan peed his pants, well kind of!!!! He had to go so bad when we pulled in he hopped out of the truck and went on the tire. Looks like he missed a little!!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Back in the Hospital!!!

Hannah Banana!!!
The toughest & bravest 4 year old I know!!
This was what was making us so nervous!!! About every five minutes she would have to go to the bathroom and this is what would happen..

Hannah and Daddy after the colonoscopy!!

We went back to the hospital Wedesday at 3:00 for the Meckal scan. This was like an MRI, but they put a radioactive solution in an IV. Before the scan was even over, the doctor that has been treating Hannah came in and said, "I have had a bad feeling all week, we shouldn't have let her go home." He said that he would probably admit her no matter what the tests results were.

Dan & I both felt OK with this because we just wanted to figure out what was going on!!! WELL.... the Meckal scan came back neg. which was good, but I was really hoping that was the answer. It was an answer and easily fixed. SO onto other tests. The next day they decided on a colonoscopy. At 2:00 we were told "NO MORE FOOD" well that is like a death sentence to a 4 yoar old on steroids!!!!! It was pure torture. Screaming & yelling at us & the doctors "WHY WERE WE BEING SO MEAN AND NOT LETTING HER EAT????" Too take some time away we went down to the playroom. There was a little girl exzactly the same age as Hannah, with blond hair, blue eyes..... she was SO swollen she looked pregnant. IT was so sad. I was talking to her mom and found out she had NEPHROTIC SYNDROME also. At that moment I felt so blessed that Hannah had never gotten that bad (knock on wood). The poor little girl was miserable. I talked more with her mom about a vitamin I think I am going to try!!!!!

We started an IG tube that goes down the nose into the stomach at 6:00 or so..... This was giving her the medicine to start making her poop!! During the night she pulled it out and they put another one in. She was sedated so she slept though most of the events that night. Lucky for her!!!! She was totally cleaned out by about 8:00 am and slept until noon. The colonoscopy was at 3:30 so we had a few hours of dealing with NO FOOD... IT was tough, but we made it. The results were GOOD. THey found "lymphatic nodules" that had been irritated by either an allergic reaction to food or a virus. So as a precaution, we are cutting out milk for a month and keeping a close eye on all potty breaks!!!!!

We are SO thankful to all of you, to our doctors that helped through this very frustration time, and especially for our family for taking care of TAYLOR, ETHAN, & MAKENA. AND the much needed visits to keep Hannah occupied!!!!!