Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We have GREAT NEWS!!! We found out today that Dan has a hole in his heart!!!
You may be thinking that this isn't great news at all, but we have been waiting for some kind of answer for several weeks now, so were thrilled!!! I don't know if this will solve all of his problems, but I do know it will take some away!!! We have 3 more Dr. appointments this week and maybe by next week we can get him fixed!!! YEAH!!!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

24th of July 2010

Hannah and Kenny really wanted cowboy boots this year!!
Kenny wears hers with everything!! Even swimsuits!!
Makena posing for the camera!!

Hannah at Grandma's pool!!
Taylor just so happy to be swimming in 95 degree weather!!

Grandpa playing the "guess what ..... game" with the kids!!

Chloe, Lilly, Hannah, and Makena enjoying the day!

Dan, just trying to make it!!!

Ethan just chillin..

Hannah relaxing in the shade.

Kenny playing in the pool!

Happy 24th of July!!!
We had an enjoyable 24th of July. We spent the day at grandma and grandpa's pool.
The weather was perfect, the food was great, and swimming kept us cool.
We are expecting a week full of tests for Dan. We have 2 echo-cardiograms. One where they go through his arm up to his heart and push bubbles through to see if there is a hole in his heart. The other they will go down his esophagus to check the back of his heart. One other we are waiting on is the Neurologist at the U of U, checking for MS (which he has 9 0f the 10 symptoms of). All I am hoping for is an answer so that we can start getting him better. Please keep him in your prayers!!!