Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!!

Halloween has come and gone!!!! I feel like I worked so hard to get ready for it (since we were supposed to have the Halloween Party here, but was cancelled due to the swine flu) and now its over. I am actually quite relieved. On to better holidays!!!! I LOVE Thanksgiving & Christmas. Especially the spirit it brings and the kindness it brings out in everyone.
Ethan was actually the headless man, but his costume was too hard to trick-o-treat in so he went as a hillbilly. Makena was Tinkerbell and Hannah was a Vampire!!!! Dan is the Swine Flu man, I am the VERY Tired Mommy & Taylor was no where to be seen, but was an Indian!!!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

The crafts I have been working on!!!

Aren't they just the cutest????'s over!!!!

I just realized it had been a month since I posted. I have been working my tooshie off (I wish) this month!!! I've had 4 enrichment nights and 2 in this last week. I've been getting ready for a boutique on the 7th of November (I don't know why I am doing it, I vowed NEVER AGAIN!!!!) and Taylor and Dan have had the swine flu. It seems like when I get into craft mode averything else gets ignored. For example the house, the laundry, dinner, grocery catch my drift??? Last night was the last enrichment night that I have to be at (one more on the 7th). It was in the ward I grew up in West Valley. It was so good to see people I grew up with and fun to sit and chat!!! 12 turkeys lady came late and started her turkey around 9:00 or so...we didn't leave the church until 10:45!!! Uugh.... I think that is SO rude. If you start at 5:00 be there at 5:00, not only are you holding me up, your holding up the enrichment committee that is waiting to clean up.... Anywhoooooo...apparently I have issues!!!! Taylor and I went to Kneaders before and got soup and their divine PUMPKIN CAKE....if you haven't tried it, it is a must!!!! As I am typing I am eating and let me tell you, that is a lot of sugar for the morning time!!!! I will be bouncing off the walls for hours!!!!!