Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A quick update!!

I am feeling much better, thanks for asking!!!! I finished my pills last Saturday and I couldn't be happier!!! I am still a little sweaty and shaky, but I guess that can attribute to my being obese!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Lights at Thanksgiving Point!!

Last night we went to the Lights at Thanksgiving Point. The kids loved them!!! It was a drive through light show, so no need for coats!!!! We had a really great time, well everyone but Taylor. She had other plans with her friend and was told she had to spend time with her LOVING family!!! That went over really well... I am actually really mad at her, I had some really good pouting pictures and she deleted them off the camera!!! She's grounded!! ANY WHOOOO.... we saw the lights, fed the reindeer, and had hot cocoa and treats afterwards!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Not to be a downer, but my life has been a little poopy for the last 11 days. I have a bacteria in my stomach called H-Pilori and it's rippping me a new one..... I honestly think the cure is worse than the illness (other than it can cause ulcers and stomach cancer and hey who wants those??) Every morning I take 4 pills. I have about 1 hour until the shakes & sweating starts, then comes the nasty taste in my mouth. It's kind of like just after you throw up..DELICIOUS!!! All that usually wears off after 4 hours, then my kids get home from school. Somedays I get dinner made others I don't (I really have been trying hard to make dinner). Then around 9:00 pm I take 7 more and hopefully I don't wake up until the morning. Who am I kidding that never happens, Makena usually has a leg ache or Hannah touched her so I am up 5 or 6 times with her, so I get to taste the nasty mouth taste during the night also!!!
On the GOOD side of things, I only have 3 days left, then I will be back to my happy self, and maybe be able to get a little more done, Keep your fingers crossed!!!
One other thing.....So Sorry that this is such a COMPLAINING post, but this is serious and needs to be addressed. The new "G's" (that's code if you are wondering) that I bought from the distribution center by the Timpanogos Temple are defective!!! They are making all the waistbands on them smaller than usual.. I am not sure if it is just this one, but I am determind to find out!!! I don't know what the problem is, they are the same size as my last ones and they are definately smaller....who can I talk to about this!!! Hardy har har!!! (I had to throw that in for Laura, because she loves it so much!!!)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Liz Kartchner woo hoo!!!!

Laura and I met one of the most creative people we (now) know!!! Liz Kartchner!!!!
She came to Dear Lizzy in Highland for a book signing of her new scrapbooking book.
Not only is she darling, but she is sweet as ever!!! She was so cute while she was signing our books, my sister Erin wasn't able to be there so Laura called her and they talked like they were the best of friends!!! Check out her blog at
She is such a cutie!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hannah's 1st Dance Recital!!

Hannah ready for the big night!!
Kenny & Hannah

Taylor & Kam, just being theirselves!!


Jenn, Chloe & Lilly Hancock

Hannah & Grandma Hancock

Hannah & Grandpa Hancock

Hannah with Grandma & Grandpa Thomson!!

Hannah danced to "That's not my name"

Lastnight was Hannah's very first dance recital!!!!! She did awesome!!! I was a little worried about how she would react in front of a crowd, but it didn't seem to bother her. She is a born preformer!!! (Can you imagine???) I have had my emotions stirred up this week getting ready for this night. I haven't really let Hannah go to dance, preschool, playlands at McDonalds, etc...because I am so worried about her picking up some kind of sickness or another. I protect her much more than the other kids because of her little kidney problems. I feel like if I could put her in a bubble everything would be ok.....The problem is that life isn't like that and life goes on and SO MUST THE SHOW!!!! I am so proud of Hannah, all that she has gone through in her short little life. I know there will be more to deal with, but she is so tough and AMAZING that I know that she can do it!!!!