Tuesday, January 12, 2010


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Saturday, January 30th
11 am to 3 pm
10739 Cypress
Cedar Hills

This world IS a great place after all!!!

Last month Dan surprised me by paying our rent with his own flippin cash. Well, I got a call yesterday from our landlady that said she hadn't received our December rent $$. I was confused...Dan had paid it. So I sent her December & Januarys rent (a huge lump sum...ouch!!) and had Dan do some checking. It turns out he put the money into someone else's account, not the landlady's!!! LUCKILY the person's account it went into was VERY honest and told the bank. They have been waiting for someone to come in and claim it. Dan went their today and they gave it back to him in cash!!!! WHAT A BLESSING!!!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Holidays are OVER, finally!!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year and have been truly blessed!!! I am so thankful for everything we have and that the holidays are OVER!!! Let me explain!!!! On Christmas Eve night, Dan and I were getting everything ready.... As soon as everything was done he got a HORRIBLE headache. We went to bed around 2 am and woke up at 6:30, the headache was still there!!!! We visited Grandma H. & Grandma T. which was wonderful, then headed home. The headache was there all weekend and then he decided to add on some tightening in his chest. On Monday he went to the doctor. They said he had a sinus infection and was starting pneumonia. He was given a 5 day Z-pack. That night he told me he was feeling really weird. On Tuesday, Taylor and I headed down to Grandma H.'s because Hannah & Makena slept over (it was also the day of a yucky storm and the roads were awful) Ethan called and said Dad fell and cut his head open.."I put a band aid on it" it took us 3 hours to get home because of the storm. Dan's head looked OK, but there was a 1 inch cut on his forehead. That night around 1 or 2 he sat up in bed then all of a sudden fell out. He had passed out again. Then on Wednesday, he was walking to the bathroom and passed out AGAIN.... and fell and hit his arm on the corner of the wall. It immediately was swollen. We waited for Taylor to get home (she went to Sun dace with her friends to snowboard) at 5:30 we went to the doctors to get an x-ray. The doctor scared me to death...he said it was not normal to be passing out and falling like he was. He was very concerned that he was having an aneurysm, brain tumor or meningitis. He wanted to send him to the hospital in an ambulance!!! Dan told him that we would drive ourselves, the doctor made me promise that we would go to the hospital. (his arm was not broken). At the hospital there were tons of questions, blood tests, and urine tests. About the first urine test, the nurse gave him the jar and a wipe pack. He went to the bathroom by himself, but called me in to help him get up. He was trying to get the pack open. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was supposed to wipe the pee of the toilet with the wipe they gave him!!! I just laughed, that's to wipe yourself off before you pee!!! His answer was he wasn't dirty... What a spaz. Well.....5 hours later, (thankfully Laura came up to help Taylor with the kids, Thanks again Laura!!!) They were ready to send us home. They said everything looks normal and that it must be a reaction to the z-pack. WHATEVER!!! They gave him a new prescription for augmentin. New Years day (a couple days later) He said he was feeling better and that I could join my family at my sister Wendy's house for a party. Ethan stayed home to watch him. He passed 2 more times and the second time hit his arm again. When I got home his hand was huge. I couldn't believe it. He went to the doctor the next day and it was so swollen they had to send the x-ray to a specialist. The doc did say they got more info from the hospital. He had a STAPH infection and that was what was causing him to pass out. (My sister Jeanette went through the same thing with staph and mentioned it to us. She was right!!) SO...after a week of passing out and worry we finally get an answer and a BROKEN arm!!! LOVELY!!!! Today, 1/4/10 everyone is back in school, Dan went to work and my house is so quiet it is freaky, I LOVE IT!!!!