Sunday, December 19, 2010

We are SO Blessed!!!

Taylor at her "Ending Pose"
She got to do 2 dances this year and they were both amazing!!

Dan was able to come to all of the girls' recitals with no problems!!!

I loved this shot of Tay's feet!!!

Taylor's beautiful leap!!!

Hannah's leap!!!

Hannah in a perfect kart wheel!!!
She is getting to be a PRO!!!

Hannah at the studio's Christmas tree.

Makena just before she started!!!

Just stretching!!!

In her "Dancing stance"

Makena is a FABULOUS leaper!!! (Seriously)

This last week has been a VERY emotional one for me, to say the least!!!
We started off with Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday with dance recitals for all the girls.
Coming back to Shellies School of Dance has been great because everyone gets to go back to dance!!! The first was Makena's, I was SO nervous because the first few weeks I had to take her in crying.... She did SO good, she has found her new love!!! The next was Tay's. I was wondering how it would go because she is older and you know how it is when older girls dance....... ANY WHO... I had tears in my eyes.. I did my best to hold it all in, I know Taylor would be so embarrassed!!!! She was just Kenny's age and now she's a WOMAN!!!!! Last but not least was Hannah.......she did great, she has such a happy go lucky attitude about dance. When she make a mistake she just laughed. Taylor and Kenny are much more serious.
They were all so cute and I was one proud mama!!!
Thursday, Ethan and Taylor had orthodontist appointments and I have been dreading this... Ethan (and Grandpa) lost his retainer again and I knew I did not have ANY extra money for another stinken retainer. Well.... I got the courage to talk to Dr. Arnold and I explained that I have been searching high and low and wanted him to wait before making a new one so I could keep looking. All he said was "It's on me, Merry Christmas" WHAT??????
I thanked him graciously and had to go back to the waiting room so he didn't see me cry. How did he know we needed that SO much?? Needless to say, I cried the whole way home!!
THEN.... on Friday I was running Kenny to school and running errands...I got
a call from Dan....... "The insurance approved my surgery!!!!!" Again, crying.......We have been waiting for this for 9 months!!!!
All of a sudden things were coming into place and things were going our way.....
We have all been smiling and crying ever since.
I felt SO blessed, Heavenly Father HAS been hearing our prayers and we were finally getting answers.
THEN....... Saturday I was working on a Christmas project and a WONDERFUL neighbor called to see if I would be home for a minute. .
(She also went through this surgery 4 years ago and know what we are dealing with)
She brought a huge box of oranges and a bag of cards. Dan and I opened them up to cash and gift cards for groceries, etc.
We both broke down into tears. There are family and friends out there that are watching out for us and love and truly care about us. The feeling is so overwhelming. I just can't even explain it.
I have been so worried about Dan, the kids, money, taking care of Christmas that the spirit of Christmas and the true meaning of Christmas was not really on my mind.
This week of TRUE MIRACLES has reminded me what it all should be about.
I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father for watching over my little insignificant family and pouring out these tremendous blessings on us.
Dan's surgery is this Thursday, December 23rd. We will stay overnight and come home on Christmas Eve!!! I will keep you posted on his recovery and thank you all for everything you do for us!!!!
This one snuck down to the bottom, she did
this little move with such flair!!! LOVE IT!!


Jenn said...

I'm so excited for you! Yay for Dan's surgery and your prayers being answered! The girls look so cute in their dance pics!

Silly Steeneck's said...

Great news! You guys are in our thought and prayers!

Wonder Woman said...

I can't believe Kenna she has come out of her shell! Looks like fun if you like going to recitals!!!!! JK Glad to hear things are starting to look up!

Erin said...

Hooray for blessings and miracles!!! Sam will miss praying for uncle Dan!!!

Buck and Julie said...

Becky---You are and have been for a long time such an inspiration to me!! You have helped lift me up in my times of trial many of times, even though we are no longer remotely close to each other anymore. I love reading about your cute family and how they have grown! You are all so adorable!! Your family is in my prayers and I hope that all went well with surgery! Good luck with the days ahead :)! Love ya and miss ya!