Monday, October 11, 2010

Catching up.....

So it has been a while since I did some actual blogging!!! I am going to try and catch up!!

Taylor turned 14 on August 5th. Can you believe it??? She has also changed her hair color!!
She is a brunette with red highlights, thanks to Aunt Krista!! She is now wondering how she is gong to be able to keep up with the re-growth. She is doing AMAZING in school and got a 91% on her last test!! We are SO proud of her, seriously, I got a tear in my eye at parent teacher conference!!!

Ethan is loving school!! His favorite thing to do at recess is tether ball!! He says he is the best at the school!!! He is preparing himself for basketball season by shooting 100 hoops a day. He goes to Fitness for life and a Science class two days a week at the school just to get better. He always strives to do his best and just recently moved up into a higher spelling class!!!

Hannah is in first grade and FINALLY going to school with a smile on her face!!(Almost everyday)
She has gotten used to the fact that school isn't a choice it's a HAVE TO!!!! She is loving learning and starting to read. She going to Choir twice a week and has told me she really should be trying out for AMERICAN IDOL!!! I agree!!! She has been taking dance this fall and is very good at the rump shaker!! You'll have to ask her to do it for you, its hilarious!!
Makena, my baby girl turned 4 this August. She started pre-school, dance, and primary all in one week. I think she was terrorized.(I Wonder where she gets that!!) Two weeks after everything has started she loves it all. She wants it to be her turn any time the other girls go to dance. I can't believe how big she has gotten these [past few months. Her last AMAZING accomplishment is that she sleeps o grandma and grandpas couch all by herself every night!!!! I know, it's shocking!!!
Dan is doing a little better. He still is having horrible headaches. He saw a neurologist today and found out what was causing the headaches. Some kind of nerve on the back of his head!! She gave him some medicine to try for that. He is at the cardiologist as I type seeing if they will be doing the surgery for the hole in his heart. We are all keeping our fingers crossed.
I am loving working at the Junior High. I get to see Taylor everyday (I love our relationship right now). The kids I work with are pretty cute. They absolutely love TAYLOR, I have told he she can't come in while they are there because it causes too much havoc!!! I did my first in a long time (3 years) boutique out here a few weeks ago and had great success!!
Our hopes are that Dan will get better soon and he will be able to find a great job. We have been so blessed this last little while, I am not sure why, but I am thankful for it!!!


Jenn said...

Makena looks so much older! Glad you like your job and Dan is doing better! Congrats Taylor, that's awesome!

Wonder Woman said...

Good to hear how you doing. Man Taylor, your getting OLD!

Liz Davis said...

See, I told you to stop forwarding those freaking e-mails!!! Look what happens :) I think that most moms would be jealous of the special link you have with Taylor right now, it's so important and lucky that she has such great mom that she looks up to and can talk to. Keep us posted about Dan, he is in our prayers.